Norka Sparkling Beverages Root Beer

Brad’s Brew Review: January 29, 2015

Norka Sparkling Beverages is located in Akron, Ohio. Norka existed back in the 1920’s and ceased production in 1962. I was super excited a few months ago when I heard Ohio was getting another bottled root beer. I’m so glad Michael Considine decided to bring this company back to life. The head on this brew could use some work, I’m afraid is fizzes away too quickly. The body has a nice authentic flavor to it. It has a light sassafras core with a generous amount of premium vanilla mixed in. This brew is also a tad creamy and is very hospitable on the taste buds. The finish is a delicate vanilla note with a touch of carbonation bite. It’s my belief this company has a bright future in its revival. 8.5/10.

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