eBay rolls out ‘Retail Revival’ in Akron

It’s a revival that would make The Blues Brothers proud.

eBay is back in Akron for the rollout phase of its “Retail Revival”, providing services to local entrepreneurs, as Chris Librie and dozens of other representatives hosted meetings with 120 business business owners from the Akron and Warren area.

The web retail giant is here to empower them, not only with words, but actions.

“This is a huge day for Akron,” Libire said. “We’re going to follow it up with further training and meet-ups and all sorts of great stuff to support the ecosystem here.”

Michael Considine, owner of Norka Beverage, is excited about what the partnership could bring to his company.

“With eBay, we’re going to be able to reach a whole new market and have the chance to get our craft soda in front of people who wouldn’t have the chance to buy it otherwise,” he said.


Artist April Couch owns Totally Tangled Creations. She doesn’t sell online, at least not yet. eBay is helping her get started.

“Overwhelming, amazing, exciting. All those great words,” she said. “To have them come right into Akron providing so much support, to get us started, to get us set up, and then to provide the background support after we’re all set up, it’s priceless.”

That’s priceless, times 120 Northeast Ohio entrepreneurs.

“The manufacturing roots of Akron are still alive,” Chris Libire said. “People want to make things, make tangible things, and the market for those things isn’t just Akron now. With eBay the market for those things is the World.”

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