Historic Ohio craft soda maker marks 100th anniversary with special treats for customers

Akron, Ohio – In a town known for its people’s loyalty and commitment to community, it’s no wonder NORKA soda pop came back strong when Michael Considine revived the Akron, Ohio brand in 2015. Now, it’s set to celebrate the 100th anniversary since its initial founding in 1924.

Playfully named for the blue-collar boomtown known as the “Rubber Capital of the World,” NORKA (Akron spelled backwards) was first launched during prohibition, when many breweries shifted to producing soft drinks. The innovative brand refreshed and delighted thirsty Northeast Ohioans for almost 40 years before closing operations in 1962. Now, back in business for nearly a decade, the company has found a strong following—not only locally, but across the country and beyond.

“Akron is a special place with uniquely proud and loyal people,” said Considine, Akron native and president of NORKA Food and Beverage. “Our customers’ outspoken love has helped us thrive here—and share NORKA far and wide. That’s why this is a celebration for everyone to join in on.”

The nostalgic brand is rolling out a variety of promotions, including discounts and social media giveaways.

“You’ll see special deals in stores and we’re giving away some really cool memorabilia featuring our 100th anniversary logo,” said Considine. “And of course, we’re giving away some free soda pop. So keep your eye on social [media] to get in on the fun.”

Strong partnerships with local businesses large and small contribute to the brand’s recent success, according to Considine. “People also really appreciate our commitment to quality ingredients,” he said. “We only use natural flavors and pure cane sugar. Plus, NORKA is caffeine-free, gluten-free and very low-sodium.”

Where to find NORKA

Locally, craft soda fans can find NORKA all over—at supermarkets, specialty shops, restaurants, theaters and breweries.

But the brand also has a growing distribution footprint outside Ohio, including California, Minnesota, Missouri, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Carolina and Washington. Recently, NORKA even made its first international shipment to Australia.

And good news for craft soda enthusiasts everywhere—NORKA is available online at Amazon, eBay and SummitCitySoda.com.

Fans can also follow NORKA on Facebook, Instagram and X (formerly Twitter) at @norkabeverage to learn about discounts, giveaways, future flavor releases and more.

For more information about NORKA Sparkling Beverages—including a full list of retailers—visit NORKABEVERAGE.com.

Michael Considine
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