1590 WAKR: NORKA Pop is back!

1590 WAKR : The Jason Sokol Show
Thursday, 22 January 2015 15:14


A case of Norka Pop. There were bottles in it until the 1590 WAKR staff got their hands on it.Jasen Sokol, 1590 WAKR

The Norka pop once popular around Greater Akron is making a comeback.

Michael Considine is the man behind the new Norka. He was inspired by a Norka sign he saw at The Game restaurant in Downtown Akron. His background in the beverage industry prompted him to spark the revival

Considine says Norka was founded in 1924 with ginger ale, orange soda, root beer and cherry-strawberry. In 1962, the company ceased production. Today’s versions follow the same profile as the original four flavors. All of the drinks are made with cane sugar.

The original four flavors are currently available in four-packs at West Point Market, though Considine says he is actively working on finding more stores to carry his beverages.


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