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JULY 2016

JULY 2016

July 1, 2016

Drink We Love: Norka Sodas Brings the Fizz Back to an Iconic Local Brand

All four flavors — ginger ale, root beer, orange and cherry-strawberry — come in old-school glass bottles.

It’s fun to reconnect with the past looking at old Polaroids, scrapbooks and watching home movies. There’s something comforting about remembering what life was once like. It’s that emotion that drove Michael Considine to bring back the iconic Akron brand, Norka (Akron spelled backward), after the company ceased production in 1962 after almost of 40 years in operation. The four flavors of fizzy beverages — mellow ginger ale, smooth root beer, tangy orange and sweet cherry-strawberry — are made with pure cane sugar and all-natural flavoring. The caffeine-free refreshments ($1.99 per bottle; $7.99 per four-pack) hit another nostalgic sweet spot — each drink comes served in an old-school glass bottle.

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