Ohio Magazine’s 50 Famous Foods

Ohio Magazine March/April 2021 Edition From legendary brands and classic reboots to new names and local favorites, here’s how to fill your pantry and refrigerator with the flavors of Ohio. Norka Sparkling Beverages | AkronJacob Paquin founded Norka in 1924 as a response to Prohibition, and during peak production in the 1930s, the company moved […]

Former Akron beverage favorite making a comeback

Former Akron beverage favorite making a comeback SHERRY KARABIN Legal News Reporter Published: March 27, 2018 They’re not exactly the soft drinks that older residents who grew up in the Akron area might remember, but the popular NORKA brand is making a comeback in stores around the country. This after Akron native Michael Considine decided […]

eBay rolls out ‘Retail Revival’ in Akron

 eBay rolls out ‘Retail Revival’ in Akron 120 local entrepreneurs attended. Author: Carl Bachtel Published: 6:26 PM EST March 2, 2018 It’s a revival that would make The Blues Brothers proud. eBay is back in Akron for the rollout phase of its “Retail Revival”, providing services to local entrepreneurs, as Chris Librie and dozens of […]

NORKA Cherry-Strawberry Hits Cracker Barrel Shelves Nationwide

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE NORKA Cherry-Strawberry Hits Cracker Barrel Shelves Nationwide (Akron, Ohio) – Akron’s original crafted sodas, NORKA Sparkling Beverages, are now available at Cracker Barrel locations nationwide. The Akron, Ohio-based beverage company announced that its signature flavor, Cherry-Strawberry, will be featured in over 630 Cracker Barrel Old Country Stores. Originally founded in 1924, The […]

Edible Cleveland

Summer 2016 – No. 18 Nostalgia Drives the Revival of an Iconic Local Soda Pop by Lisa Sands photo by Shane Wynn Michael Considine can’t keep his enthusiasm for soda pop bottled up. The Akron-based entrepreneur is enjoying sweet success reviving NORKA, a classic soda that his father recalls drinking as a young boy. In […]

Cleveland Magazine

July 1, 2016 Drink We Love: Norka Sodas Brings the Fizz Back to an Iconic Local Brand All four flavors — ginger ale, root beer, orange and cherry-strawberry — come in old-school glass bottles. It’s fun to reconnect with the past looking at old Polaroids, scrapbooks and watching home movies. There’s something comforting about remembering […]

Country Living Magazine

June 1, 2016 COUNTRY LIVING PRESENTS: SUMMER’S GREATEST HITS Introducing a Top 40 List of Summer Must-Haves that you’ll want to play on repeat all season long. #13: SODA Made in Akron, Ohio (NORKA = Akron spelled backwards), this cane sugar-based beverage is a sparkly standout in the craft fizz biz. $24 for a 12-pack; […]

Every Day with Rachael Ray

March 1, 2016 THEY’RE BACK! Sippin’ it old-school by Michael Pomranz A round of retired sodas and seltzers has returned for a second shot including Original New York Seltzer; Coca-Cola’s citrus soda, Surge; and Norka, an Ohio-based cult favorite. Customer demand on social media helped revive them, as did the brands’ desire to cash in […]

Five Star Soda: NORKA Ginger Ale

December 2, 2015 Five Star Soda Review: NORKA Beverage Ginger Ale History: Akron is a city in Ohio of just under 200,000 people, but if you ever ended up there for more than a few days, guessing its population would almost be impossible. The dichotomy of personalities in Akron is perplexingly stark. I know from […]